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About Us

Through our partnerships with local health care and social service agencies in Louisiana, 1-World Language has developed a reputation for providing high quality services to the Limited English Proficient (LEP) population and the providers who serve them.

Our emphasis is on providing our clients with quality service that will enhance your involvement with the limited English proficient (LEP) population in your community, lower overhead costs, save time, and build customized solutions to fit your dynamic needs. Our level of commitment to top quality onsite,  telephonic interpreting, and live customer service truly sets us apart from the competition. We understand the need for fast and reliable access to medical interpreting services.

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Our Onsite, Telephonic, and Video Interpreting service is easy to use and simple to install. Your account will be set up within 24-48 hours and ready to use immediately. We offer a customized implementation plan to facilitate roll-out of service to front-line staff.

Saves Time and Money
Our Telephonic Interpreting services provide Quick connection times, averaging 26 seconds, increase your productivity and reduce expensive staff wait time. With our continuous 24/7/365 availability and over 1,600 qualified interpreters, clients can confidently achieve first call resolutions with your LEP patients.

Enhances Public Relations
Using 1-World Language’s on site, and telephonic interpreting services engages your facility with the LEP population in your area. It strengthens results and patient satisfaction and enables you to effectively communicate with a broader patient base.

1-World Language meets all of the specifications listed in the ITB. We comply with all applicable requirements of Federal and State Civil rights and rehabilitation statues as well as all HIPAA and HITECH regulations.
About 1-World Language
Over the Phone Interpreter Services
We operate 24/7/365 with access to five call centers and 1,600 medical interpreters in over 180 languages and dialects. Our customer service agents are always live and answer within 5 seconds. Our connection time to a medical interpreter averages 30 seconds for all languages. To reach our service, our customers receive a dedicated toll-free number that remains the same throughout the contract.

Our Interpreters
All of our on site and telephone interpreters undergo a rigorous screening and testing process before they are hired. Each candidate is tested for language proficiency, knowledge of medical and healthcare-related terminology, and their ability to provide meaning for meaning, courteous, and effective telephone interpreting. Once hired, interpreters are trained and monitored by Quality Assurance Specialists using a rating tool which evaluates accuracy, completeness and transparency.

Our pre-qualification criteria includes at least two years of formal training as interpreters, professional certification or qualification, active membership in a professional interpreter organization, and good customer service skills. We encourage the ongoing continuing education of our interpreters and refer them to recognized training programs.

The candidate’s bilingual capacity is evaluated by using the following criteria:
• Oral Fluency & Expression: ability to construct connected oral discourse in English and the target language that communicates a message effectively and demonstrates a command of vocabulary and syntax appropriate to the professional setting
• Listening Comprehension: ability to demonstrate literal comprehension of oral messages through appropriate responses and accurate interpretation, as well as the ability to infer meaning from oral communications through paraphrasing and interpreting commonly used idiomatic remarks
• Medical-Specific Vocabulary: ability to interpret medical-specific vocabulary by finding culturally and linguistically appropriate equivalents in the target language and/or by creating valid word-pictures

Interpreter Hiring Requirements:
•  Minimum 2 years of previous experience in interpreting/translating or related fields.
•  Must pass background check, and drug screening.
•  Oral and written proficiency in both English and target language(s).
•  Knowledge of medical, business, financial, and legal terminology.
• Ability to provide consecutive, “meaning for meaning” interpretation without altering, adding, or omitting anything from the original message.
•  Ability to adhere to National Standards of Ethics for Interpreters.
•  Ability to interact with people of different cultures, educational levels, and socio-economic groups.
•  Professional ability in communicating in a courteous and respectful manner and in remaining neutral and calm at all times.
•  A professional interpreting course (minimum 48 hours) from an accredited institution, or completion of our (40 Hr) INTERPRETING IN HEALTH AND COMMUNITY SETTINGS (IHCS) TRAINING.

HIPAA Compliant
We require all information shared by all LEP patients and health care providers to be treated with compliance to the HIPAA regulations. We adhere to all HIPAA and HITECH regulations and standards for protecting and storing protected health information. This process is reviewed on a regular basis. We require a HIPAA Business Associates Agreement with all clients.

All of our interpreters and employees are required to sign a HIPAA compliance form as well as a statement of confidentiality and a code of ethics.

Customer Support Services
We offer comprehensive customer support to all of our customers. In addition to a full implementation of our services, your dedicated account support team will be available to contact directly regarding any questions or concerns you and your team may have.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Our primary call center is situated on the Portland, Oregon first response grid. In the event of a major disaster (total power failure, etc.) this location will be addressed first by recovery services, utilities, etc., to restore normal services.  Our secondary call center is located in Omaha, Nebraska. This call center is designed in a mirror image of our Portland call center. In an event that Portland is not available, our customer would not experience any disruption in service due to the rerouting of all telephone traffic to this call center. Our call center telephone and computer systems are supported with backup power supplies and power sources. Computer systems are all fully redundant, as is all data storage. In addition to our secondary call center, each call center location has a spare call center system available in the event of total hardware/software failure at both locations.

Reporting & Invoicing Services
1-World Language provides monthly reports and can create custom reports any time upon request, at no additional cost. In addition to real-time usage, language provided, date, time and duration of encounter, location (e.g. department, facility, etc.), and pricing, reports and invoices can be customized to include any additional information client requires. Reporting information can be changed at any time simply by contacting your dedicated Account Services Manager.

Custom-Printed Access Materials and Language Identification Tools
Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you using the information gathered from the ITB and during the Site Surveys to determine which training methods and custom-printed access materials are best suited for each facility. Our custom-printed access materials are designed to make implementation and use of our service easy for your staff.

These materials include:
•  Custom-printed Reference Cards, Stickers, and Plastic Badges  
(customized for each toll-free number or access code)
•  Language Identification Tools such as  Cards, Posters, and Easels
•  Detailed Access Instructions and Tips on Communicating Through an Interpreter.
All implementation materials will be available to at no additional cost and can be re-ordered and customized at any time.

We Offer Over 90 Different Languages and Over 10 Years of Experience!